A World to Live In Book Release

GeorgeWoodwellAn author’s reception and book signing was held on April 7 to celebrate the the latest book by WHRC founder George M. Woodwell, A World to Live In: An Ecologist’s Vision for a Plundered Planet, published by MIT Press.

Dr. Woodwell, who has spent his long career studying what he terms “The Great Issues of Environment,” draws on experience over the post-war years to show how biophysical limits of the Earth increasingly define the limits of economic and political ventures.

The book received glowing pre-publication endorsements from such environmental luminaries as James Gustave Speth, David W. Orr, and Bill McKibben, who writes that “very few have devoted careers as long or as eminent to the preservation of the planet. George Woodwell has earned the right to sum up a lifetime’s worth of thinking, and he does so here with precision and panache.”

Signed copies of A World to Live In are available through WHRC (info@whrc.org).