Board of Directors

Wilhelm Merck

Wilhelm Merck

Hamilton, Massachusetts Managing Member, Essex Timber Company Trustee and Treasurer, Merck Family Fund Wilhelm Merck is the founder and Managing Member of Essex Timber Company, LLC, a timberland management company. Prior to…

Thomas E. Lovejoy

Washington, D.C. Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation Professor, George Mason University Thomas E. Lovejoy, a conservation biologist who was the first to use the term “biological diversity” (1980), is University Professor…
Joseph Robinson

Joseph R. Robinson

Summit, New Jersey Managing Director, MidMark Capital Joseph R. Robinson is a managing director of MidMark Capital, an investment management firm focused on privately held companies in the lower end of…
RJ Lyman

R.J. Lyman

Boston, Massachusetts Member, Mintz Levin Senior Advisor, ML Strategies R.J. Lyman is the former President of General Compression, Inc., a company that has developed the world’s only commercial-scale, carbon-free compressed air energy…
John Adams

John H. Adams

New York, New York Founding Director Natural Resources Defense Council John H. Adams is the Founding Director and former President of the Natural Resources Defense Council. He co-founded the NRDC in…
Stephen Curwood

Stephen T. Curwood

Nottingham, New Hampshire Executive Producer & Host, Living on Earth World Media Foundation Steve Curwood is Executive Producer and Host of Living on Earth. He created the first pilot of Living…
Philip B. Duffy

Philip B. Duffy

Falmouth, MA President and Executive Director Woods Hole Research Center Dr. Duffy is a physicist who has devoted his career to the use of science in addressing climate change. Prior to joining…

Michael Fanger

Moorestown, NJ Founder and Managing Member & President, Eastern Funding, LLC Michael Fanger began his banking career in 1981 at Shawmut Bank in Boston where he ultimately served as Vice President….
Scott Goetz

Scott Goetz

Falmouth, Massachusetts Deputy Director and Senior Scientist Woods Hole Research Center Dr. Goetz works on the application of satellite imagery to analyses of environmental change, including monitoring and modeling links between…
Joshua Goldberg

Joshua Goldberg

New York, New York General Counsel & Managing Director Financo, Inc. Joshua Goldberg is the co-founder, General Counsel and a Managing Director of Financo, Inc. (a boutique investment bank headquartered in…
David Hawkins

David Hawkins

Washington D. C. Director, Climate Center Natural Resources Defense Council David G. Hawkins began his work in “public interest” law upon graduation from Columbia University Law School in 1970. He joined…
Lily Rice Hsia

Lily Rice Hsia

Hamilton, Massachusetts Consultant, Mather & Hsia Consultants Lily is a consultant to non-profit environmental, scientific and educational organizations and foundations, providing guidance for capital campaigns, strategic planning, management, policy, and motivational…
Victoria Lowell

Victoria H. Lowell

Falmouth, Massachusetts Community Leader and Conservationist Vicky Lowell is a community activist who has served in a variety of local and regional capacities during her more than forty years of living…
Merloyd Ludington

Merloyd Ludington

Boston, Massachusetts Publisher and Editor Merloyd Lawrence Books Merloyd Ludington is editor and publisher of the imprint “Merloyd Lawrence Books” co-published with the Perseus Books Group. These books have included works in…
William Moomaw

William Moomaw

Williamstown, Massachusetts Professor Emeritus, Center for International Environment and Resource Policy Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Bill Moomaw is Professor Emeritus of the Center for International Environmental and Resource Policy at…
Jeremy Oppenheim

Jeremy Oppenheim

London, UK Founder & Managing Partner SystemiQ Jeremy Oppenheim is the founder and managing partner of SystemiQ, a global consulting firm based in the UK focused on implementing system-level changes that are…
Amy Regan

Amy H. Regan

Princeton, New Jersey President Harbourton Foundation Amy Regan is president of the Harbourton Foundation, a family foundation. The Foundation’s areas of focus are environment, education, entrepreneurship, health, social justice and social issues…
Constance Roosevelt

Constance R. Roosevelt

Brooklyn, New York Conservationist Constance Rogers Roosevelt has been a book editor for 30 years at Time/Life Books, American Heritage, William Morrow and Company and Viking Press. She has an MA…
Tedd Saunders

Tedd R. Saunders

Boston, Massachusetts President, Eco-Logical Solutions Chief Sustainability Officer, The Saunders Hotel Group Often credited with pioneering luxury urban ecotourism worldwide in 1989, Saunders is recognized for creating some of the most…

Honorary Directors

Anita W. Brewer-Siljehølm
Manchester, Massachusetts
Gilman Ordway
Wilson, Wyoming
Neal A. Brown
Atenas, Costa Rica
Conservationist, Foundation Trustee
Gordon W. Russell
Portola Valley, California
Partner, Sequoia Capital
John Cantlon
East Lansing, Michigan
Vice-President, Emeritus
Michigan State University
Ross Sandler
New York, New York
Professor of Law
New York Law School
Iris Fanger
Cambridge, MA
Arts Critic & Community Leader
Helen B. Spaulding
Manchester, Massachusetts
Conservationist & Community Leader
Stuart Goode
New York, NY
Private Investor
James G. Speth
Strafford, Vermont
Professor of Law
Vermont School of Law
Joel Horn
Seattle, Washington
Robert G. Stanton
Fairfax Station, Virginia
Policy Consultant, Resource Conservation;
Former Director, U.S. National Park Service
Lawrence S. Huntington
New York, New York
Chairman Emeritus, Fiduciary Trust International
M.S. Swaminathan
Madras, India
Emeritus Chairman & Chief Mentor
M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Karen C. Lambert
Princeton, New Jersey
Environmentalist & Political Activist
Ola Ullsten
Burlington, Ontario
Co-Chair, World Commission on Forests and Sustainable
Former Prime Minister of Sweden
Mary Louise Montgomery
Walpole, New Hampshire
Conservationist & Community Leader