Board of Directors

Honorary Directors

Anita W. Brewer-Siljehølm
Manchester, Massachusetts
Gordon W. Russell
Portola Valley, California
Neal A. Brown
Atenas, Costa Rica
Conservationist, Foundation Trustee
Ross Sandler
New York, New York
Professor of Law
New York Law School
John Cantlon
East Lansing, Michigan
Vice-President, Emeritus
Michigan State University
Helen B. Spaulding
Manchester, Massachusetts
Community Activist
Joel Horn
Seattle, Washington
J.G. Speth
South Royalton, Vermont
Professor of Law
Vermont School of Law
Karen C. Lambert
Princeton, New Jersey
Environmentalist and Political Activist
Robert G. Stanton
Fairfax Station, Virginia
Policy Consultant, Resource Conservation;
Former Director, U.S. National Park Service
Mary Louise Montgomery
Walpole, New Hampshire
M.S. Swaminathan
Madras, India
M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Gilman Ordway
Wilson, Wyoming
Ola Ullsten
Burlington, Ontario
Former Prime Minister of Sweden