Lawrence S. Huntington Environmental Prize

The Lawrence S. Huntington Environmental Prize recognizes leaders who advance and promote research and communication on climate, earth sciences, and conservation. Prize recipients recognize the interrelationships of global systems and think on a planetary scale.

Larry Huntington presenting Dr.Gro Harlem Brundtland with the Huntington Prize pin.

The award honors longtime Woods Hole Research Center Board member and former Chairman, Lawrence S. Huntington. Mr. Huntington previously served as Chairman of World Wildlife Fund and as President and Chairman of the board for the Fiduciary Trust Company.

The first recipient of the Prize was Lawrence S. Huntington in 2012, when the Board bestowed the honor on him and named the prize after him.

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway, was the 2013 recipient of the Lawrence S. Huntington Environmental Prize. In her acceptance speech, she emphasized that science must point the way to more informed and integrated decision-making, not only on climate change, but also on biodiversity, and water and food scarcities.

Huntington Prize 2015The award was presented in November 2014 to Dr. Johan Rockström, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Center, at an award ceremony held at the New York Yacht Club. Dr. Rockström is a sustainability expert widely recognized for leading an international team of scientists who identified nine planetary boundaries and evaluated how close we are to crossing them as a result of human activities.

Dr. John P. Holdren is the recipient of the 2017 Prize. From January 2009 until January 2017, Dr. Holdren served in the Obama administration as the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. In these capacities, he played a critical role in developing and implementing the Obama administration’s domestic and international climate policies and helped guide the engagement with China that led to the Paris climate agreement in 2015. Previously, Dr. Holdren was CEO of WHRC in addition to many other distinguished posts in science and academia. President Obama called Dr. Holdren “one of the most passionate and persistent voices of our time about the growing threat of climate change.” WHRC’s Board of Directors is pleased to have the opportunity to recognize both Dr. Holdren’s extraordinary accomplishments in science and environmental policy, and his dedicated service to our country.