WHRC Artist-In-Residence to present climate performance on barge near Woods Hole

The Woods Hole Research Center’s first Artist-in-Residence will present a performance on September 8 in the waters off Falmouth, MA, to explore the tipping points caused by climate change.

Artist-in-Residence Heather Theresa Clark is presenting this climate change artwork on a barge off the coast of Woods Hole, MA. Clark has teamed up with Martha’s Vineyard’s award-winning dance center, The Yard, and the musician Christen Lien, for this ocean performance.

Clark developed the artwork after spending the summer of 2017 interviewing scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center and other leading scientific institutions.

“This artwork is not intended to say we are all doomed. Rather it signals some of the answers to climate change – physicality and the pursuit of art, science, and exploration, as well as the beauty of humanity and nature, which is clearly worth preserving,” Clark said. “In the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, climate change is on the minds of many Americans. This artwork is meant to embody the emotions surrounding the dangers of climate change and the hope for solutions moving forward.”

For the piece, DanceTheYard, The Yard’s resident dance collective, will perform on a marine construction barge with a crane, which will be anchored in Great Harbor in Woods Hole, Cape Cod. The dancers’ stage will appear to hang from the crane, floating above the barge deck. The implied danger of the hanging platform is intended to contrast with the elegance of the dancers and the sea.

“The artwork is meant to create emotion around climate change,” Clark said. “The hanging stage symbolizes the everyday, which is at a tipping point given the dangerous nature of climate change. The mechanization of the crane references the industrial age and our reliance on fossil fuel and the setting in the water reminds us of rising sea level.”

In addition to performing for a live audience on shore, Clark’s collaborators will create over-sized photos and video that will be shared online and at a traveling exhibition.

Where: Woods Hole Waterfront Park, 112-138 Water St, Woods Hole, MA 02543
When: Friday September 8, 2017 at noon.
Website: www.climatebarge.org

This event is free and open to the public.