Columbia & Snake Rivers Science Expedition

Woods Hole Research Center and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution invite you to join a science expedition on the Columbia & Snake rivers from October 14-20, 2017. This is the third river expedition that WHRC and WHOI have undertaken together that will showcase the work of scientists involved in the Global Rivers Observatory (GRO), a group dedicated to advancing understanding of how climate change, deforestation, and other disturbances are impacting river chemistry and land-ocean linkages (

In 2017, the GRO scientific team will meet aboard the MV Island Spirit, a 32-passenger, privately chartered vessel solely for GRO scientists and guests. There is nothing ordinary about this expedition! A team of international scientists will explore the future of river science and outline a plan to catapult river science into the 21st century. Guests will be invited to work alongside scientists as they develop projects and collect samples; participate in evening discussions and presentations; and take side trips to explore both natural and engineered areas along the rivers. The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest and forms most of the border between Washington and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. The Snake River is the Columbia’s largest tributary. Expect a relaxing, educational, and unique adventure!

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