Earth Day Celebration: Ecology and the Common Good

The Woods Hole Research Center held an Earth Day celebration to mark the publication of Ecology and the Common Good: Great Issues of the Environment, a book of essays from the greatest environmental science and policy thinkers of our time. Dr. Sandra Steingraber, renowned biologist, author and cancer survivor spoke to the crowd about the moral imperative for scientists to speak out about environmental threats to human health.

ECG coverThis book grew out of a symposium to honor George Masters Woodwell at the Woods Hole Research Center in October of 2008. The papers are timeless and authored by such great thinkers, such superstars of environmental science and public policy, that it seemed imperative to collect them for posterity into a single work. They are arranged in two sections, the first focused on environmental science and the second on the implications of that science for the well being of people and the sustainability of civilization. This book is a reminder that the business of government is to look after the public interest, the common good—and a part of that interest is an individual’s right to a stable, benign, and healthy environment. Without a recognition of that right and a deliberate care to maintain such an environment, the human enterprise will fail, and no form of governmental or private intervention will be able to stem the chaos.

Ecology and the Common Good was published on April 1, 2014, by Woods Hole Research Center.  Paperback copies are $15 each. The book is available at Eight Cousins ​bookstore in Falmouth, MA,​or as an e-book at Amazon.comBarnes and Noble, or via iTunes.

For more information about the book, email Allison White.