“Free-enterprise solutions to climate change”


President & Executive Director Philip B. Duffy

Bob Inglis, a former six-term member of Congress from South Carolina, will speak on this subject at the WHRC board meeting next month, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. While in Congress, Inglis earned a 100% approval rating from the Christian Coalition, 100% from National Right to Life, an “A” with the NRA, zero with Americans for Democratic Action (a liberal group), and 23 with the AFL-CIO (“by some mistake” as Inglis said. “I demand a recount.”) You get the idea: Bob occupies a different part of the political spectrum from many of us who support the WHRC. That’s a big part of why I am excited to have him join us, and I hope you’ll join me in giving him a warm welcome.

What are “free-enterprise solutions to climate change?” I don’t know exactly, and I am not sure I am going to like them, either, but that’s not important. What is important is that we’re finally having the conversation we should have been having all along: what to do about climate change, rather than rehashing for the millionth time, “Is it real?” The resistance to accept the science of climate change has always been proxy for resistance to accept the solutions (really, the imagined solutions) to climate change, and that’s why the science has become so politicized. That’s a shame and it’s dangerous, because when science gets distorted by politics it isn’t as effective at solving problems for us. So let’s let the science speak and move the public discourse away from “Is it real?” to “What should we do about it?” That conversation, of course, should be politicized, as we all bring our different perspectives and priorities to the problem.

Like any major societal challenge, climate change won’t be solved unless folks from across the political spectrum work together to do it. It’s encouraging to see what I hope is the beginning of the end of the monolithic denial of climate change on the part of conservatives—who after all should be concerned about conserving the natural resources that sustain life and prosperity.

Thanks as always for your interest and support.