Mammoth last in Fall Film Series

Woods Hole Research Center present Mammoth.

This intriguing documentary by Grant Slater tells the story of Sergey and Nikita Zimov, remarkable father-son scientists from a remote outpost in the Siberian Arctic, and their vision to revive the vanished ice age Mammoth Steppe ecosystem as a tool to stop permafrost thaw and mitigate climate change. The experiment is already underway in a reserve they call Pleistocene Park and involves restoring large animals to the landscape, including the now extinct wooly mammoth.

The short film (26 min) will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Nikita Zimov and Grant Slater, and moderated by WHRC’s Max Holmes, who has worked with the Zimovs for many years.

Monday, December 4
5:30 reception, 6:00 pm film screening

Woods Hole Research Center Harbourton Auditorium
149 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth, MA