More Important Than Ever


President & Executive Director Philip B. Duffy

Dear Friends,

Last night, U.S. voters elected a presidential candidate who publicly disputes the validity of climate science. Many of our friends and partners are distressed by the uncertain path ahead.

We cannot know, exactly, how a Trump presidency will impact climate policy and climate change research.

Here is what we do know. We will continue our mission with a greater urgency and sense of purpose than ever before. No political event can change the fundamental facts of climate change: humanity needs to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we need to use land management and other approaches to pull carbon out of the atmosphere, and we are running out of time to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

We are at a critical moment, and we don’t have the luxury of bemoaning this turn of events or regretting what might have been. WHRC, our supporters, and our scientists, must stay focused on the goal.

Our science is needed more than ever. Our work is needed more than ever. And we will depend more than ever on your support. Together we will fight and control climate change.


Philip B. Duffy
President and Executive Director