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   Community Lecture  In the Line of Fire: Northern Forests Under Threat
   Climate Progress in an Alternative Facts Era (Panel Discussion)


   The 2016 Election and COP22: What’s Next for Climate Change (Panel Discussion)
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   A Greener Tomorrow at Highfield Hall & Gardens
   Woods Hole Science Stroll
   New Developments in the EPA’s Efforts to Address Climate Change
   Summer Film Series
   Seminar Talk: Hot spots and hot moments in blue carbon science
   Merchants of Doubt showing at MV Environmental Film Festival
   Community Lecture: Crazy Weather and the Arctic Meltdown: How Are They Connected?
   Earth Day 2016 Celebration
   Reception and Book Signing with George M. Woodwell for his new book, A World to Live In
   Mekong River Science Expedition
   Spotlight on Paris: An insider’s view of the COP21 climate change negotiations
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  Screening of Merchants of Doubt
Community Lecture: Why Everyone is Talking About Permafrost Thaw
  Seminar Talk: The Machinery of Doubt – Cigarettes, Climate, Confusion
  Free public screening of Merchants of Doubt
  Community Lecture: Flexing Their BICEPs: How leading businesses are working to stabilize the climate
  Seminar Talk: Land use change impacts to river flow in the Brazilian rainforest-savanna transition region: an empirical study
  Seminar Talk: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): A behind the scenes view, and summary of latest findings
  Seminar Talk: New Observational Constraints on GPP from Satellite Measurements of Chlorophyll Fluorescence
  Joint Earth Day Celebration in honor of the 30th anniversaries of WHRC and T3C
  Seminar Talk: Where is Conservation in Brazil Headed?
  Seminar Talk: Catalyzing Radical, Practical Change in the Pacific Northwest



  Lawrence S. Huntington Environmental Prize Awarded
  Conference: Ocean Acidification and Southern New England
  Community Lecture: Extreme Home Energy Efficiency
  Community Lecture: Changing Climate, Rising Seas: Cape Cod
  Photography Exhibit: Sustaining the Earth
  Community Lecture: Detecting the Lit Fuse of the Arctic Carbon Bomb
  Earth Day Celebration: Ecology and the Common Good
  Release of Ecology and the Common Good: Great Issues of Environment



  Board Dinner: A Wild Solution for Climate Change
  Lecture Series: Environmental Tipping Points
  Cape Cod and Islands Climate Change and Energy Conference
  Sustainable Science Speaker Series
  Gro Harlem Brundtland awarded Lawrence S. Huntington Environmental Prize



  Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions
  Flying in Space: An Astronaut’s Perspective on Climate Change
  Telling The Climate Change Story
  Going with the Flow: A River-Centric View of Our Changing Planet