Become a Climate Ambassador

Climate change research needs advocates – people like you – who will tell their elected officials and community leaders that science is important.

We have heard from friends and supporters who want to do more – who want to stand up for climate science. So we are building a network of people who are willing to call or send emails to federal, state, and local leaders to support climate change research.

I’m ready! Skip down to sign up form.


I would love to do this, but I’m busy. Would this be a lot of work?

No, we designed our Climate Ambassador program to be as easy as possible. We are not asking for a lot of your time. Our outreach will be focused and strategic. When we do ask you to make a call or send an email we will provide the script.

And of course, you choose when you want to take part. We will send you occasional requests, but you decide when you have the time to opt in.

What is the scope of this work?

This effort is focused on letting elected officials know that their constituents care about climate change research. We will encourage political leaders to pay attention to climate science. We might also ask our Climate Ambassadors to spread the word about particularly important climate change news. We will not support or oppose any candidates or any specific legislation.

Why are you doing this?

We are at a crucial juncture for climate change and we are running out of time to control atmospheric carbon levels. Our community leaders and politicians need to know that climate change is important. Messages from constituents carry much more weight than a call from a research organization.

Great, I’m in. Where do I sign up?

Right here. And thank you.