SERVIR: Connecting Space to Village – Zambia 2015

Farmers implementing conservation agriculture in Eastern Province of Zambia.

Where: Lusaka, Zambia & Eastern Province.

When: May 11-18, 2015

Workshop Title: “Connecting with REDD+ team and projects in Zambia

In May 2015, a two-day workshop was organized to meet with REDD+ team involved in different institutions in Zambia, including from the Zambia Forestry Department, the Zambia environmental Management Agency, academics, research centers and other non-governmental organization involve in REDD+ at the policy level and on the ground being part of REDD+ project. Field visits were also organized to meet with different stakeholders with Community for Market for Conservation (COMACO), an organization active in promoting conservation, and involved in developing sustainable agriculture, in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

The visit to Zambia was organized for three main reasons:
1) Present and receive inputs on preliminary results on forest carbon stock variation and GHG and uncertainty estimation using ILUA I data and on carbon corridor mapping;

2) Consult on needs and interests for research, capacity-building workshops and for developing funding proposals, applied to forest monitoring, climate policy, REDD+, GHG estimation and reporting, conservation;

3) Meet with key actors working on REDD+, conservation, GHG estimation, national forest inventories at the Zambia Forestry Department and other governmental agencies, NGOs and if possible community organizations.


Workshop with REDD+ stakeholders ( Zambia Forestry Department, UN-REDD, FAO, CEEEZ, COMACO, University of Zambia).

Workshop (May 12-13) with all technical groups (30 participants) organized with partners at the Zambia Forestry Department; presentation of recent results on variation in tree carbon density and early prototype to estimate GHG emissions from land cover change & associated uncertainties based on the Zambian ILUA I data; Identification of priorities and needs for upcoming work & policy implications.

Meetings with key REDD+ stakeholders in Zambia (e.g. ZEMA, FAO/ UN-REDD project, REDD+ focal point, Prof. Chidumayo)

Field visit at Nyimba community projects with Community Markets for conservation near the Lower Zambezi National Park.

View the agenda of workshop, meetings, and field visit. (PDF)


Contributing institutions:

Forestry Department