Polaris Project Underway in Siberia

Field Course in Russian Arctic Underway for International Team of Scientists and Students

Photo © Chris Linder.

Photo © Chris Linder.

For the fourth year, scientists and undergraduate students from the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland are departing in early July for a four-week field course in the Russian Arctic. The program, called The Polaris Project, trains future leaders in arctic research and education, and informs the public about the impacts of climate change, essential goals given the rapid and profound transformations underway in the Arctic in response to global warming.

In addition to the field course, The Polaris Project includes research experience for undergraduate students in the Siberian Arctic, several new arctic-focused undergraduate courses taught by project co-primary investigators (PIs) at their home institutions, the opportunity for those co-PIs to initiate research programs in the Siberian Arctic, and a wide range of outreach activities. All project participants, both students and faculty, will visit kindergarten through Grade 12 classrooms to convey the excitement of polar research.

Faculty from Clark University, Western Washington University, St. Olaf College, University of Nevada Reno, and Holy Cross are involved. To follow the expedition online or to learn more about the project, visit www.whrc.org and www.thepolarisproject.org. Follow the progress of the trip on Twitter (PolarisProject) and Facebook.