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   Book release reception for George M. Woodwell’s A World to Live In: An Ecologist’s Vision for a Plundered Planet
   WHRC hosts the annual Coastal and Ocean Acidification Forum
   President Phil Duffy leads Letter to the Senate on carbon neutrality of forest biomass
   A short conversation with Scott Goetz on his thoughts of COP21, Impressions of COP21: Q & A with WHRC’s Deputy Director, Scott Goetz


   Press coverage of WHRC during COP21
An op-ed in the Boston Globe by President Philip Duffy, responding to the Paris Agreement 
A major article on permafrost in The Washington Post featuring WHRC scientists Sue Natali and Max Holmes
The work of WHRC scientists mentioned in The New York Times
WHRC listed as one of the organizations responsible for making REDD+ a prominent component of the Paris Agreement in the Huffington Post 
An op-ed in Live Science by Senior Scientist Richard Houghton on the under-appreciated role of tropical forests in climate change mitigation
Philip Duffy and 70 top U.S. clean energy and climate experts sent a letter to the U.S. presidential candidates urging them to pledge to create an economy free from carbon pollution
Scientist Wayne Walker’s report on carbon stocks in Indigenous territories featured in Science Magazine
Dr. Sue Natali and her son Clancy featured in Cape Cod News
A local piece on Cape Cod scientists at COP21
Deputy Director Scott Goetz discusses rapidly advancing technologies key for implementing REDD+
Scientist Alessandro Baccini’s work featured in Mongabay
– Philip Duffy quoted in two Washington Post articles here and here
   Dr. Duffy Op-ed in Cape Cod Times, “Climate Change: Why should you care?
  Dr. Houghton in Cape Cod Times, “Climate change and what to do about it.”
  Tom Stone Op-ed in Cape Cod Times, “Ocean acidification endangers shellfishing industry.
   Senior Scientist Max Holmes describes the global threats posed by permafrost thaw in The Guardian.
   President Philip Duffy discusses his work on extreme Amazonian weather and global climate in The Washington Post.
   Senior Scientist and Deputy Director Scott Goetz talking about climate change in the Arctic with Steve Curwood of NPR’s Living on Earth program.
   Senior Scientists Scott Goetz and Max Holmes discuss climate change in the Arctic in’s “Obama finds perfect climate change victim in Alaska.”


   Richard Houghton in New York TimesRestored Forests Breath Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change” article.
   Wayne Walker featured in Rolling StoneMurder in the Rainforest” article.
  Release of Ecology and the Common Good: Great Issues of Environment


  Board member Lovejoy urges respect for science in New York Times op-ed
  Forbes article: “Why It’s All Been Downhill Since 1978”
  New land-use model eyed for Brazil’s Amazon settlers
  New project funded by NSF’s Office of Polar Programs: Fire Regime Influences on Carbon Dynamics of Siberian Boreal Forests
  Nutrient Management
  Deforestation of a Biodiverse Savanna
  Mapping and Modeling Habitat Diversity
  Amazon Freshwater Ecosystems: Under Threat
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  Young Voices
  Ecuador: Training the Trainers
  Extreme Weather: Losing Cape Cod
  Barefoot Ecologist


  Pantropical Scholars Newsletter
  Why I Give by Nate Holmes
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