Pruitt dangerously ignorant or dangerously dishonest on climate change

195 countries know that humans are causing climate change. The head of our EPA should know it too.

Statement from WHRC President and Executive Director, Dr. Philip B. Duffy.


President & Executive Director Philip B. Duffy

Scott Pruitt, the EPA administrator, continues to propound the myth that the human role in causing climate change is uncertain, saying this morning on CNBC that there is “tremendous disagreement about the degree of [human] impact” on climate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is well known that an overwhelming majority (97-98%) of scientists who study climate change believe that human activities are the main driver of this global threat. That alone should be enough to convince Pruitt, but he should also consider this:

The key conclusions of the latest assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, including the finding that essentially all of recent global warming is attributable to humans, were approved by 195 countries. Not only that, they were approved unanimously by 195 countries. In fact, every individual sentence in the “Summary for Policymakers” document that includes this finding was approved unanimously by 195 governments. I am proud to have represented the United States in these discussions, which affirmed the overwhelming international consensus about the human role in climate change.

If 195 countries know humans are causing climate change, our leaders should know it, too, and should make policy based on that fact. Claiming that science is unready to inform such action displays either dangerous ignorance or dangerous dishonesty.

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