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February 2017 newsletterMonthly Newsletter – February 2017
A clear choice
John Holdren returns to WHRC after White House service
Brazil workshop develops climate vulnerability indicators
– Tanguro Ranch research continues
NASA’s ABoVE program prepares for upcoming research season
High school students help with arctic research at WHRC
WHRC launches Youth Council on Climate Change
October 2017 Columbia & Snake rivers expedition
WHRC in the news
Upcoming events

January 2017 newsletterMonthly Newsletter – January 2017
No excuses for climate inaction
New grants will drive soil and arctic research
Fulbright honoree heads to Brazil
New faces at WHRC
WHRC panel on post-election climate landscape
WHRC in the news
Help by making your voice heard

December 2016 newsletterMonthly Newsletter – December 2016
It begins badly
Brazilian government gives WHRC research station national status
Biomass energy legislation dies in congress
Accolades for Senior Scientist Rich Birdsey
IPCC nominates R.A. Houghton to help plan special report
National Academy of Sciences names Phil Duffy to review committee
Helen Spaulding, 1928 – 2016
WHRC panel on post-election climate landscape
WHRC in the news
Help by making your voice heard

November 2016 newsletterMonthly Newsletter – November 2016
How can we make progress on climate change in the Trump era?
COP22 in Marrakech: Stepping forward on climate change
WHRC welcomes Senior Scientist Linda Deegan
WHRC joins implementation of New York Declaration on Forests
WHRC holds Science Policy Exchange meeting
WHRC meets with Congo Basin Forest Partnership
WHRC event on 2016 election and COP22: What’s next for climate change?
WHRC in the news

October 2016 newsletterMonthly Newsletter – October 2016
Moving past gridlock towards climate solutions
President Obama’s climate change focus prompts arctic science events
WHRC attends Arctic Circle Assembly
Sensing respiration during the dark arctic winter
Projet Equateur holds workshop on REDD+
Broad new Amazon project to cover education, capacity building and policy
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