Representative Dylan Fernandes climate rally draws crowd at State House

Rep. Dylan Fernandes of Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket kicked off a rally Tuesday afternoon at the State House in support of Massachusetts committing to the Paris Climate Agreement’s Green House Gas (GHG) emission standards and its international reporting requirements of GHG data. Joining him at the podium during the rally was Phil Duffy, President of the Woods Hole Research Center, Emily Norton of MA Sierra Club, and fellow Freshman Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose.

“As a millennial, there is no greater issue facing my generation or our children’s generation than climate change,” said Fernandes. “My bill sends a message to the nation and the rest of the world that a handful of climate deniers in Washington DC do not speak for the people of Massachusetts.”

“President Trump, I hope you’re listening” declared Phil Duffy of the Woods Hole Research Center, “we can control climate change and have a strong economy at the same time. We can and we will. We’ll do it through innovation, hard work, and science-based policies.”

Many at the rally of nearly two hundred people expressed deep dismay at the Trump administration’s recent withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which has prompted a flurry of opposition around the country. Rep Fernandes’ bill (H3564), in addition to pledging to meet the standards of the Paris Agreement, would ensure that the state shares its carbon emissions data with the global community. His bill would be the first to codify reporting of GHG data with Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) – the international agency tasked with global GHG monitoring.

Emily Norton, MA Sierra Club Chapter Director, urged Governor Baker to take more concrete steps in response to the Trump administration’s recent actions, saying “while I applaud Governor Baker’s recent decision to join the Climate Alliance, it’s imperative that he continues to take a leadership role in this area to support movement towards a clean energy infrastructure.”

Media Contact:  Sean Keady,, 617-722-2425