Scott Goetz Named Deputy Director and Vice President of Science

sgoetzWoods Hole Research Center President and Executive Director Eric Davidson announced this week that Scott Goetz has been appointed as the Center’s Deputy Director and Vice President of Science.

According to Dr. Davidson, “Scott is a world renowned expert on the use of pictures and data collected by satellite orbiting the Earth to study the Earth’s ecosystems. He has worked on such diverse topics as how conservation lands in the Adirondacks can be better connected to improve habitat for wildlife, how urbanization effects water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, how boreal forests are suffering from climate change, and how the tropical forests of Brazil are susceptible to drought. He is an editor of two major international journals and he serves as an advisor to NASA, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and several other institutions. He is currently leading an effort to advise NASA on a major new initiative for an integrative multinational study of tundra and boreal forests.”

Dr. Goetz will play important roles for the Center as a member of our management committee, coordinator of scientific collaborations, and key advisor to the director.

Dr. Goetz works on the application of satellite imagery to analyses of environmental change, including monitoring and modeling links between land use change, forest productivity, biodiversity, climate, and human health. Before joining the WHRC, he was on the faculty at the University of Maryland, where he maintains an adjunct associate professor appointment, and was a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and recently completed a Fulbright-sponsored visiting scientist appointment in Toulouse France.