Seminar Talk: Hot spots and hot moments in blue carbon science

Dr. Peter Macreadie

Senior Lecturer, Deakin University (Victoria, Australia)

Hot spots and hot moments in blue carbon science

Tuesday, June 28, 12 pm
WHRC Harbourton Auditorium, 149 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth, MA

mangroves-bluecarbon_sqFive years ago, the marine science world gave birth to a new term: “blue carbon,” which was created to describe the enormous and newly recognized potential of the oceans to sequester carbon and help slow climate change.

Early estimates of the power of blue carbon were staggering – they indicated that blue carbon habitats (sea grasses, salt marshes, mangroves) ranked among the most efficient and permanent sinks on the planet, far exceeding key terrestrial carbon sinks (e.g. rainforests). However, the capacity of coastal ecosystems to sequester carbon is threatened globally by coastal development and climate change. Resource managers are in urgent need of guidance to manage coasts to minimize carbon losses and maximize gains.

This talk will 1) provide an overview of research into the distribution, value, and dynamics of blue carbon; 2) showcase emerging research into the development of decision tools to predict how different management plans will affect the persistence of coastal ecosystems and their capacity to sequester carbon; and 3) discuss the current status of blue carbon offset initiatives within Australia.

Dr. Macreadie will be in Woods Hole until July 8. If you would like to meet individually with him, please contact Jonathan Sanderman (