Seminar Talk: Where is Conservation in Brazil Headed?

Britaldo Silveria Soares-Filho

Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Federal University of Minas Gerais

Seminar Lecture: Where is Conservation in Brazil Headed?

Thursday, April 16, 4 pm
WHRC Harbourton Auditorium, 149 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth, MA

For more information: Wendy Kingerlee,, 508-444-1526

Dr. Britaldo Soares-Filho is a leading expert on land use change in Brazil. His focus is on detecting land use change, understanding the economic, social and political drivers of change and developing future land use scenarios for Brazil. He has developed a unique landscape dynamics modeling system, and applied it to environmental assessment and regional planning in Brazil. His applications have included: economic studies for REDD markets, analysis of the impacts of federal policy changes on the national carbon stocks, and analyses of human caused forest fires as an agent of forest degradation. Dr. Soares-Filho has been a Visiting Scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center for the last 20 years.