Sustainable Science Speaker Series

April 30th – Agriculture: Poor management of fertilizers, water, and soil threatens the longterm productivity of agricultural landscapes, and with it, the ability of future generations to feed the world’s exploding population. In this series learn how WHRC scientists are helping to advance the know-how for maintaining and increasing crop yields while also minimizing soil loss and pollution.

May 30th – Fisheries: The world’s fisheries are being threatened by water pollution, overfishing, and climate change. WHRC scientists work with fishing communities around the world to sustainably harvest this important food source while not depleting it.

June 25th – Forests: The world needs timber and land for countless uses, but standing forests are also vital for wildlife habitat, clean water, and climate stabilization. WHRC’s sustainability research helps to identify ways to balance current needs from forests without jeopardizing our children’s ability to enjoy their beauty and future benefits.