WHRC ranked #1 climate think tank for third year in a row

2016-06-23-WHRCcampus_400x400Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) has been ranked the world’s number one climate change think tank for the third year in a row, the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) announced yesterday.

The Climate Think Tank Ranking for 2015 is the “authoritative … assessment of the most cutting-edge institutions working in the field of climate change economics and policy,” according to the ICCG.

WHRC has long focused the role of land-based carbon reservoirs, especially tropical forests and arctic permafrost, in climate change. Current priorities include removing CO2 from the atmosphere by restoring degraded lands and using satellite remote sensing and other methods to measure land-based emissions of CO2 from activities like deforestation. “The award is an enormous testimony to your talent and determination, and I am exceedingly proud of you in earning this achievement,” WHRC President Philip Duffy wrote this morning in an email to the staff.

This year the ICCG analyzed 240 independent think tanks. The Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, MA, was ranked second, and third place went to the Mercator Research Institute in Berlin.

The ICCG’s ranking is based on an institution’s activities, publications and dissemination. The methodology employs indicators, including “scientific output, verified through the number and quality of articles it has published in peer-reviewed journals, proceedings and books, its degree of activity in organizing conferences and seminars and in participating in the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and its degree of dissemination through participation in carefully selected international conferences on climate and energy, its web performance and use of social networks.”

Woods Hole Research Center is an independent research institute where scientists investigate the causes and effects of climate change to identify and implement opportunities for conservation, restoration and economic development around the world.