Why I Give by Thomas Benjamin

“As a biologist, I am aware of some of the impacts of climate change and wish to better understand climate disruption and its implications. I find the ongoing work at the Woods Hole Research Center exciting and important as it seeks to connect the dots between human activity and the affects on climate, forests, water and soils .”

– Professor Thomas Benjamin


Professor Thomas Benjamin

From a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, Woods Hole Research Center supporters give because they care about the work we do, and because they understand that an investment in science-based solutions is one of the best they can make. They also care about the future of the world’s great ecosystems, are concerned about climate disruption and they would see human prosperity develop within the vision of a verdant Earth.

What does WHRC give in return? From around the corner to around the globe we measure, model and map how the world is changing, providing knowledge and information that a host of environmental nonprofit organizations, governments and policymakers use as they work toward a sustainable planet. Decisions informed by our research safeguard the world’s great landscapes and their biotic processes, all of which provide an invaluable range of services while supporting a diverse array of life.

You may not know the full impact of your giving, but future generations will.